Policies and their impact on learning


I recently came across an  article in Faculty Focus that discussed the challenges of policies in educational institutions.  One portion of the article discusses how these rigorous policies require mandatory attendance in order to pass a course.  The institution I teach at requires us to enforce an attendance policy, a very valid policy given that much of the program is practically based.  However, the article discusses an alternative way to ensure students follow that policy rather than just stating it as a policy.

every term I seem to have a few students in my class who challenge the attendance policy.  They feel they could learn faster and more effectively on their own, they have other courses that demand their attention and would rather focus their efforts on more pressing activities for those other classes.  My usual response is a combination of discussing the benefits of learning with a group of students; their exchanges in class,  problem solving treatment techniques and hearing the challenges that others may be having with a specific patient or technique that they may not have thought of or encountered.  In the Faculty Focus article they discuss how you can actually show the student how poor attendance impacts their course grade by cross referencing days they missed with topics on exams they missed.  I love this idea!  I can’t wait to use this in practice in the classroom.  This seems like a very practical display of the value in attending class.



Calkins. B. Roll call [online image]. Retrieved December 2, 2015 from      http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-roll-call-school-classroom-list-image36103129


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