I’m currently a full time mom, 6 months into my second maternity leave, with my son Z ( 6 months) and my daughter A ( 2 years).  I have spent the last 12 years working as a Registered Massage Therapist, a vocation that took me a while to discover.  I explored music and nursing before falling into Massage Therapy.  I love my profession, the flexibility, diverse patient base and the awesomeness of the human anatomy.

After 5 years of practice I stepped into a teaching assistant role at our local massage college.  I hail from a family of educators, so it was no surprise I embraced this new role, and soon found myself standing in front of eager massage students teaching my own course.  Teaching neurological assessment for massage therapists was a steep learning curve for me, but soon became another passion.  I am now also in a senior administrator role at the college.

My decision to take the PID program stemmed from  a variety of reasons.  I wanted to strengthen my course presentation, appeal to more learning styles, and develop a stronger grasp of the realities of being an adult learner.  I also see the PID certificate as a necessity to the longevity and quality of my contribution to my administration role.

So here I am, back in school after 15 years….and online of all places.  I’ve never taken any distant education courses before, I find computers, the internet and modern day technology challenging at times.  But here I am, excited to embrace this “new” style of education, expand my horizons further…amidst diaper changes, sleep challenges and sibling rivalry.  This blog is definitely a work in progress and another learning curve!


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