Lesson Planning – Goal Setting

I selected a website  on goal setting to add not specifically to my classroom but to the educational interview process at our College.  I like the “SMART” technique to setting goals, it is clear and simple and I feel it would be a good way for students to be clear about their expectations of themselves/ the program.  As well I feel this goal setting style can also help monitor their progress in the program.  I feel this website will also be useful for me to use for myself as my own personal goals in the classroom.


Lesson Planning – Classroom Mangement

I’m not good at classroom management.  I really don’t enjoy enforcing policies, or calling students out for cell phone usage, talking and eating during class.  When my class is large enough to warrant a teaching assistant I pass this role on to them.  I’m not sure if it is an issue with confidence, or more the fact that I just don’t enjoy feeling like a mother at school.  I came across this article by accident the other day and really like some of the techniques it recommends.  I specifically like the suggestions on page 10, 10 Things to Make the First Day (and the Rest) of the Semester Successful, I can see myself using these on the first day.

Lesson Planning – Ice Breakers

After learning more about the humanistic teaching approach, I am beginning to see the value in getting to know my students.  I want to strive to create a warm and open classroom environment, but also in the entire school.  I found this website on icebreakers.  I think the activity yes I have done that, would be a fantastic one to do at a student lunch.  I could modify it for the classroom as well and change it to a conditions they may have already treated and call it, yes I have treated that condition.

Lesson Planning – Creating a Positive Learning Environment – Questioning

I selected a website from the University of Saskatchewan to use in my classroom for more effective communication, specifically using questions in my lecture.  I do not make use of this teaching technique enough and i feel it helps the students grasp what information they do know and what they still need to learn.  This website has some simple pointers to use when questioning students that would be very easy to implement in the classroom.  I specifically feel the pointer about waiting 15 seconds after a questions will be of great benefit to me.

Lesson Planning – Experiential learning


I chose this website from the University of Waterloo to improve my delivery of hands on trades between classmates in a practical class.  I asked student patients to give student therapists feedback; however, I feel the self reflection portion from this model will help the student therapist improve their treatment based on their reflections.  The student patient and therapist could share their reflections with each other and problem solve to improve their treatment.  In my Neurology course students are treating student patients who are mimicking the condition, so I see value in this model in aiding the comprehension of treatment.