Reflections on Trends in Massage Therapy

There are so many new trends and research happening in the field of massage therapy.  Research on fascial and its implications on pain, stretching and muscle memory.  There has been a yearly congress on fascia to learn about the latest research and trends around this physical structure.  Thomas Myers has written a fantastic book on fascia and a new treatment protocol.

After reading the first 4 chapters of our PIDP 3100 text I have come to realize, that I can not address all this new research and trends in my industry in the classroom.  I am bound by time constraints and educational requirements.  However, I can teach my students how to be life long learners, I can educate in a way to facilitate their passion for knowledge.  I see now how important it is to  make life long learners out of my students!


Reflections on a skype call.

I had the pleasure of skyping with my learning partner Jesse over the weekend.  He is a welding instructor.  I didn’t realize how much the welding industry was changing, and how these changes may require re training for welders in the future to ensure they stay current.  Jesse was telling me 20% of welding is now shifting to be automatic.  So rather than having one welder doing the job, it is done by a computer. His article predicted a 20-25% further increase in automatic welding. Which means welders will need to retrain to remain competitive.    He also had an article on virtual welders, that take education to the next level.  The students would weld on a computer rather than in a shop.  Sounds like there are lots of exciting changes going on in the industry of welding.